Bonuses and promotions affected:

·         Continuous Production Bonus

·         Business Development Bonus

·         2017 Conference

2016 Year-end has been set as of Friday, December 30th 2016.


However, please note the following specifications:


1.       The last date on which a policy can be issued for 2016 is on December 28th.

Considering approved policies on the 29th, 30th and 31st of each month have an issue date of the 1st of the following month, December 29th and December 30th approvals will be issued as of January 1st 2017 and it will not be eligible for claim to back date in 2016.

This new rule will also apply to Simplified Issue products.


2.       To ensure that all new policies are issued in 2016, complete files and all relevant documents must be received at your Service Center on December 19th 2016 at the latest.

Applications and/or relevant documents received after this date will be processed as quickly as possible; but we cannot guarantee their approval and issue date in 2016.

In accordance with point #1, policies issued in 2017 will not be eligible for claims.

Special attention to these dates is essential so that your credits, bonuses and payments are not delayed.

Deadline Summary:

File & document deadline: Monday December 19

Policy Issue deadline:  Wednesday December 28

2016 Year End:  Friday December 30